Stacy was looking for a lock that she required for her garage. How much ever she looked around she couldn’t locate the same. Finally she went to the market and bought a new lock! After few days, she located the old lock in one of her cupboards where she generally keeps her dump or discards! Looking at it, she wished she could have been more organized to be able to find the lock at the right time.

We all face this problem! We try to be organized but somewhere we all have failed at some point of time.

So, what is organizing?! Oxford dictionary has defined the word ‘Organize’ as “to arrange systematically; order” and the process of doing this is ‘Organizing’.

Human beings per se have been organizing information since humans began to write! Did you know, as can be seen with religion, books and spoken word, science (through journals and studies) organizing not only is history, but also supports the communication of history. Recording ideas in a written text, as opposed to verbally communicating with someone, and more specifically cataloging ideas and thoughts, is also an attempt to organize information.

When one organizes, there is an objective or a goal behind that motive, be it organizing notes for an upcoming exam, or be it organizing of multiple functions in an organization to achieve a common goal, or be it teachers organizing her notes to be able to teach her/his class. Organizing as a function is everywhere. Being organized helps in achieving the set goal, ensures optimum usage of resources and also facilitates growth both individual and at a strategic level.

So when it is so important, let us all try to be organized. It surely will make all our lives easier!

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