Creating an Engaging Lesson Plan – How important it is

For us to talk about this, it is important for us to know what a lesson plan is. Lesson plan is a teacher’s detailed notes on how he or she plans to conduct a particular class or lesson for each day. Creating an engaging lesson plan is very essential to teaching. There are some schools having some basic format to create lesson plans, while some schools leave it on the teacher to take care of the same. Lesson plan holds more importance in schools than universities and colleges, as the process of teaching kids requires more planning than teaching adults.

Lesson plan talks more about the detail and objectives of every lesson and instruction for carrying it out. It also talks about the required ways and methods for teaching. Activities are also described in detail here as well as evaluation procedures. An engaging lesson plan links each lesson with the previous one and ensures a smooth continuity for the students.

Several student and teachers in several part of the world knows the importance of creating an engaging lesson plan. Lesson plans are very vital in creating order and organization of task.

Below are some benefits of creating an engaging lesson plan

  • Lesson planning gives the teacher greater assurance and greater freedom in teaching. A teacher who has planned his lesson wisely, can enter the class without anxiety, ready to embark with confidence upon a job he understands and prepared to carry it to a work­man like conclusion.
  • An engaging lesson plan talks about lesson summaries, ensures a definite assignment for class, and availability of materials for lesson when needed.
  • An engaging lesson plan also enhances the teacher to introduce pivotal questions and illustrations.
  • An engaging lesson plan gives room for proper connections between different lessons or unity of study, therefore lesson plan gives room for continuity and provides continuity in the teaching process.
  • It gives room for association between different lessons in the same main, unit, the selection and organization of subject-matter, materials and activities.
  • Lesson plan also allow the teacher to know the most desirable type of teaching procedures and to organize tests of progress and checks for judging the outcomes of instruction.
  • Creating an engaging lesson plan prevents waste due to the fact that it will aid the teacher to be systematic and orderly, as this will save him from disorganized teaching.

Creating an engaging lesson plan does not only help the teacher to conduct a class effectively and also lets the teacher assess how each class went. However, the moment a lesson plan has been made for a whole year; it can also be used again with minor adjustment. It will help the teacher to save effort and time which can be utilized for other teaching tasks.